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#1 07-24-2012 01:02:50

Nouveau membre
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Text problem ...

Hi - I have a problem with text ...

When I open a new shot click add text then the window for text editing appears.
Then I write my text - say ok - the window is closed - my text is in the center of of the pic. Now I grab the text and move him to the left topsite. Say ok close and watch the video. Then the text is moving from the center to the left topsite and back to the center ...
But I dont want this move !!! I want to have the text straight in the left topsite.
I find no way ... Can you please help me ???

Thanks !!!

Greetings - Jürgen


#2 07-24-2012 18:57:27

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Re: Text problem ...


Position of blocks are define shots per shots, so if you move a block for example, only on the second shot, it move from his position in the first shot to the position defined for the second shot, during the second shot, and then move again to the position defined in the third shot, during the third shot and so on...

If you want a block have always the same position and framing options, activate the lock option for this block (right click on block in the blocks list and activate the lock option)

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