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#1 05-20-2017 21:39:48

Nouveau membre
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new deb package for ffDiaporama-2.2_devel amd64


  I 'm glad to announce two deb packages specifically created for ubuntu-16.04 (Xenial) and Mint-18.1 (Serena) fully tested.  compiled from source provided by JonasCz.

Two new deb packages for ffDiaporama-2.2_devel : just dpkg -i debpkg and enjoy 20may2017

    ffDiaporama-2.2-amd64-ubuntu16.04.deb           only for ubuntu16.04 ( Xenial ) of course

    ffDiaporama-2.2-amd64-mint18.1.deb                for mint 18.1 (Serena ) … nt18.1.deb … u16.04.deb


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