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#1 09-16-2019 10:14:39

Nouveau membre
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ffDiaporama 2.1.2014.0209 - Feature Request

Recently I make with this program some video, out of 40 short clips, with transitions etc. and it worked for almost 4 hours. Could not put it to work in the background, so I would like to suggest some improvements.
1. Delete the window asking if to open the new made file, and it waits open until clicked some answer.
2. Instead to have an option that program will be closed when work done.
3. And another option to shut down computer after program finished and closed.
Since this program works some hours while rendering a video, set it to work in the evening for that hours, it still works when going to sleep - so it finishes the work, closes the program and if enabled / selected, it shuts down the computer.
Answers will be appreciated.


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