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#1 04-01-2016 16:53:56

Nouveau membre
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Windows 10 low on memory

Installed ffDiaporama 2.2_Developement. Created new project, and began filling it with .mts video files.   ffDiaporama had a memory exception error, and Windows 10 issued a low on memory warning.
Apparently the code just keeps filling memory with data instead of writing it out to disk files so it can handle large projects.  I will attempt to look at the source code to verify my initial suspicions.
The same error occurred with the stable version of the code.

My system includes:

HP Desktop
Windows 10 Professional
6 GB Ram
500 GB SSD
150 GB SSD
300 GB WD Raptor


#2 10-12-2018 16:21:15

Nouveau membre
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Re: Windows 10 low on memory

Is there a mamory leak in ffDiaporama on Windows 10?


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