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#1 06-27-2015 16:56:14

Nouveau membre
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I need help.

I really love this program, it has tons of features and gimmicks. But I ran into a problem, whenever I render the movie for multimedia, the first slide is missing. The first slide happens to be the title. It looks weird without it. But when I render it for the player and smartphone, the first slide is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated~


#2 07-18-2015 02:01:04

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Re: I need help.

Greetings Blader

Like yourself I'm a BIG fan of this software, yet still learning how to use its full potential and discovering some of the little bugs.

I don't have an answer for your issue, but suggest you might like to try either of these two work-arounds.

In no particular order:

• Try inserting an empty (blank) slide of a few seconds duration at the beginning of your project before the Title slide.

• Alternatively, try using the "Advanced" option — not "multimedia system" — when rendering your videos.

Best wishes



#3 08-20-2015 16:34:36

Nouveau membre
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Re: I need help.

I think it's better to use another program. Sometimes giving up is the best solution.

Anna, a consultant on BuyThesisOnLine


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