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#1 06-26-2015 23:29:27

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Text on Slides

I am new to the program. How do I add Text to a slide and have it appear n the slide where I want it.  At the top or bottom  I get to where I can click text but it appears right in the middle. I would really appreciate any help.

Bill K


#2 06-27-2015 02:41:32

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Re: Text on Slides

Greetings Bill

I'm a new user and found these earlier posts most helpful:

• Animated & scrolling Text:

1. Create an empty title slide
2. Open this slide (double click on it)
3. Add a simple text block and enter your long text in this text block
4. Setup this block on the screen
5. On the bottom right of this edit slide dialog box there are 2 sliders to setup text scrolling. Use the slider corresponding to vertical position to move the text down.
6. Add a second shot
7. On the second shot change the position of this slider to move the text up.

* … php?id=633

• Using Blocks & Animation:

I highly recommend this video for beginners, and, with relation to your question regarding "text" ... see around 1:50 for inserting "beginning title".

Note: the editor of this video appears to be using an earlier version of the software and the interface is slightly different from v2.1 — but I found it most helpful:

Best wishes



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