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Is it possible to change a project's geometry?

I have a large project that I decided to cut as two separate projects and then I planned to merge them together by loading the first 200+ slides, then add the remaining 100+ slides from the second project by using the "Add Project" button.  Problem is when I made the second project I used the 16:9 screen geometry, but the first project is in 4:3.  I didn't realize this difference until I finished everything and tried to merge them.  I have already worked out the timing of many many shots and blocks and synchronized with the audio tracks, so I'd like to find a way that I can just change a setting for the second file, rather than have to reproduce it manually as a "new" 4:3 project. 

I realize there are limitations about how the shots will look once the geometry is changed, but I'd rather have to go in and clean up some shot cropping here or there, then have to go through and manually re-load every file, re-create every shot, and set each shot's timing.

Thanks in advance for this much needed help!


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Re: Is it possible to change a project's geometry?

first load your project in 16:9 you  want convert to 4:3.
Select all the slides in it.
create a new project in 4:3
paste the copied slide to the new project.

In this case you will have to review all the geometry of your slides one by one.


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