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#1 05-26-2015 05:13:48

Nouveau membre
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adding music to new slideshow project

will someone please explain to me, like I am a 5 yr old, how to add music to a slideshow project.  I must b missing something!  Any help would b appreciated!!!!  Thanks in Advance!  Frank


#2 05-27-2015 00:35:06

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Re: adding music to new slideshow project

Greetings Frank

Right-click on the slide where you want the music track to commence > select "edit music" > check your required setting for the music track in "music properties" window (probably "normal" in your case) > check "start a new playlist from this slide" > left-click on the speaker icon to open file manager > drill down to and select the  desired music track > left click on track to highlight and click OK > click OK in music properties window. Done.

Best wishes



#3 10-22-2015 12:40:50

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Re: adding music to new slideshow project

That were a really clear instructions, thank you, that helped me a lot as well smile
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