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#1 11-22-2014 15:25:24

Nouveau membre
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Custom Predefined Title Slides: Note of Caution

I recently had problems in that the program said "ffDiaporama has stopped working" whenever I tried to load it.
It turned out that this was caused be a Custom Predefined Title Slide, which I had created to save quite a complex arrangement of blocks in a slide for later use.
If the photo on which the slide is based is deleted, renamed or moved then this error is generated.
My solution was to delete the .TSS file, created by my Custom Predefined Title Slide, in my Win7  ....AppData\Roaming\ffDiaporama\Titles\16_9 folder.
This then allowed the program to load.
So beware, if you create a Custom Predefined Title Slide based on a photo, do not move/rename that photo.


#2 11-24-2014 09:49:50

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Re: Custom Predefined Title Slides: Note of Caution

it's exact but you can preserve predefined Title slide or normal of course.
In an picture editor open image or picture and copy it
After in  one slide you have an icon Add special and (add from clipboard).
Now your picture is embed in the slide and you can save it as a model.


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