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When will comes a new version?

It was the first time a good idea - until the slide could be recreated. Whether Windows or Linux, it did not work.
Also, there seems to be no developer who care.
Except a pseudonym is nothing to find and a response from the developers, there is not.
It is a promising program that I would like to continue to use - if it was because times function properly.

The latest version is over a year old and full of errors, here are a few of them:

As you look at your own operation habit is always to advantage if you can save its settings. So here.
Why There Is No Way its settings (eg for text color, block positions etc.) in your home? This should apply to global settings as for the individual project.
The Project Could take over the Global Settings and then would only need to be adjusted.
A button with Audio (to better see the bookbag and Their processing) would be class.
Maybe even a continuous list would be Possible with the overview and editing options of the images and the associated audio tracks.

I have 3 songs chosen will be used but only. 2
When a song ends with an image as the next song will be continued only under the next image.
Here is a gap Which, Although you can connect manually, but this is an overtime.
It would be better if the song would simply continue. Otherwise you may take several seconds no music.
It is apparently NOT POSSIBLE to automatically adjust the slideshow to the length of the music.

With regard to the text so I find no way to predefine him (ie Lake Project)
Here's an example:
Text Color: Yellow
Text font and size: Times New Roman 28
Blockkordinaten: <= 0750 <=> 1920 300
Border: 0
Shadow: none

And it git even more he hie
General performance:
When creating the slideshow, the program depends on When image 51 of 83. Progress updates Dia is Given as 71%.

And there is still much more in the forum.

Best regards R.Lehmeier


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