Version under development

The next stable version will be 2.2.
Actual developpement version of each part of the project:
Binary part
2.2_devel 20140701
Resource part
2.2_devel 20140503
Texturemate extension
1.0 20140125
Openclipart extension
0.18 20140205

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Click one of the download buttons to get the latest installation packages of the "in the course of development" version.

  • Note that it is not possible to have on the same computer both the stable and "in the course of development" version thus the installation of the "in the course of development" version will replace your installation of stable version.
Source files of the version "in the course of development" are available:
For any information concerning the current developments, to propose us new features or to report a bug, visit the following section of the ffDiaporama forum:
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If you appreciate ffDiaporama and want to help us, know that you are welcome

If you wish to contribute to the project:
  • By translating the interface of ffDiaporama into your language using QtLinguist (It is very easy to use).
  • By translating the documentation of ffDiaporama into your language.
  • By creating Tutorials and articles (Documentation will never replace experienced feedback. If you create tutorials or draft articles on ffDiaporama, send us a link to your blog and we will add it to this site.)
  • By creating Graphical elements (ffDiaporama contains a library of graphic elements: LUMA images, background images, icons, etc….If you create compatible graphic elements with ffDiaporama and want to offer them to us, we will add them to the list of what we supply with the program.)
  • It is important to let to us know if you intend to contribute to ffDiaporama so that different people are not working on the same files. So, contact us by email (after registered on the forum) by clicking the following link: