Text animations

  • Simple text on:
    • a simple block
    • a picture
  • you can formatting it with:
    • font, font color etc …
  • You can copy and past text from clipboard
  • You can apply some effect to animate text and text block
Captures Descriptions
Simple text

Two possibility

  • A simple text in a block
  • A simple text in a clip art

The Edit-box

Tab text

All possibility of text formatting are present.

This box is the same for all case wen you want insert atext into blocks

Default text can be implemented in settings >tab >Project Option:


Other text option:

with this icon you have some variable to write directly some data of your project:

  • Date
  • autor
  • Music (tilte and other)
  • etc …


Tab Background

You can chose here a background for your slides


  • No brush the background is transparent
  • Solid brush the color is uniform
  • Textures
  • Your own image.
  • etc …
  • Predefined styles with possibility to manage and create your own style


You can download and install extension named Texturemate to have more background textures


Tab Margins

Margin setting in a bloc text


    Sample custom margin


    How to do:

    • Write one word by line
    • Set custom margin to see only one word
    • After you can set scrolling in text animation were you want.

    animation explain here

    Sample margin setting

    txt009.png txt010.png txt011.png
    Full shape Default margin Custom margin
    Text animations

    Samples zoom and scroll




    First shot time is 0s with zoon at 0% second shot is 3s the time of complete zoom at 200%


    First shot time is 1s with scroll at -100% second shot is 3s the time of complete scroll at 0%

    How to do:

    At least you need a minimum two shots to animate text

    Once you write text go to text animation properties


    you can chose

    • Zoom
    • Scrolling
      • left to right or right to left
      • up down or down up
    In a same way you can use scrolling.


      You can also mix different effect zoom + scroll to spaming and

    zooming in same time

    More text animations sample

    Some others sample to animate text.
    Captures Descriptions
    Other text animations

    Change text colors


    You canot change text color by shot at least you need to do that two slide with the same text bloc

    How to do:

    To change text color on your slide show

    • Insert your bloc text in one slide chose style and color
    • Copy and paste this slide
    • In the second slide select the text block ans edit the text to change color
    • Select transition [B2] for example or a luma transition.(all depend of the result you want)
    Write your text with luma bar

    How to do:

    You can do like the previous sample.

    • Write your text
    • Copy and paste the slide
    • Delete se second line on the first slide
    • Select a luma bar transition.


    In this sample the complete text is in block.

    The seconds line text color in the first slide is turned to black (color of the background).

    Replace text



    Shots and blocs

    How to do:

    You need Two bloc at the same position with different text.

    Just select  on one shot in txt018.png

    • Dissolve appear for one
    • Dissolve disappear for second block


    You have in this other options to animate blocks



    • In dissolve
      • appear
      • disappear
      • blink with some options
    • In mufti block turn to rotate blocks in x,y z coordinates
    Follow the cat (scrolling text)

    How to do:

    See here to set margin

    Now You need two shoots.

    • Make the first and set the margin to see only one word.
      • Define the value of vertical scroll here in at -82%
    • duplicate this shoot by add shoot in the menu.
      • Define a second value value of vertical scroll here in at