Shape and forms

  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Or nothing
  • You can also apply a model on these blocks

    Associate as you like and animate.

sample Descriptions
You can find this in Block shape
Some example applied to blocks


form shape with text and edited

with Edit dialog box

  • Just select a Block shape re-size it and add your text:
    • Double click on the form
    • Or right click on the block and Edit text.
  • In the dialog box you can:
    • edit your text
    • chose a background
    • edit margins
Form shape with video

How to do:

  • Insert in your project, In the tab Project Add file.
    • video
    • picture
  • Select block shape you want
  • Re-size and put it as the position you want.


You can also add overlay some text on your video or picture by Edit text.

Sample to use
just 9 forms without text to show some associations of forms.

How to do:

  • Add some blocks text and remove the default text in it.
  • Chose one form, background and so on
  • for animate the heart
for the fun.
Using shape to create animated summary
This is one sample of summary

How to do:

  • prepare images for display
  • Make one slide for each images
  • Capture and save it.
To create these shots using the icon  sf007.png

Here the Block order in ffDiaporama.
The 3 slide of summary
  • After creating a blank slide insert captures created
  • previously, chose a form shape,
  • Add block text (chose font and color you want).
  • Now align the present block in the slide.

How to do:

  • Click on the first block maintain [CTRL] on and click on the
  • block you want to align
  • Click on the icon arrange block to align its.
  • Do the same thing for text blocks

Now copy and past this slide 3 time (there are 3 items).

next :

On each slide you can change text color of one item by edit text.


Here some samples photo collage
Apply your style to forms
In block shape tou ave a list of predefined styles you can apply to the form, you can create modify or delete your own style to use in others project.

How to do:

  • Insert one block slideshow
  • Chose one form for this block
  • Chose properties (outline, thickness, shadow etc …)
  • In block shape > custom style select create a new style.
  • Save and name it.

Blocks animation

Introduction to Animation Block


The two shots to animate summary


Go to animate first slide of summary

How to do:

Edit the slide (double click on it or right click and edit)
  • Create a new shot by add shot from the menu.
  • On the second shot, chose full screen in block coordinates
  • Right click on the first block to move it to foreground.
  • Adjust the shot duration, Do the same for other slides.



Reverse this animation:

Select the first shot and click on Add shot select the new shot

Drag it on the last position and is finish.

Now you can insert your chapter after each items.


Using form to animate image
Two shots to obtain progressive blur on one picture and preserve one part of the image..



How to do:

  • Add image in a slide,
  • Cut and past this block (You have now two same block in

    your slide).

  • Chose a form for foreground block
  • Edit the picture an re-frame this picture (here on the


  • superimpose two images match it perfectly.
    • Tip: Set the transparency of the foreground to 50% to see the superposition.
    • Move precisely the block with the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Add one shot and select-it.
  • Edit this shot
  • Select the background block.
  • Adjust the blur as you like
  • Adjust the shot duration


Sample using puzzle shapes form

The difficulty here is to adjust shape to have a complete picture adjusted

Create puzzle shapes form and animate it
Picture and captures how to make it


  • Insert one picture to your project,(this one for example)
  • select full image in (coordinate block)


For now the position of the blocks is not important, you have just to see the complete picture.It will be placed in the final position later.


Step 1

  • chose puzzle Up-left shape in Block shapes
  • Edit the slide, verify if the rule button is checked to adjust correctly the frame.
  • You will obtain something like this
  • Close the slide property dialog.

Step 2

  • Now Right click on the First block
  • Copy and pasts it.
  • Change the shape form to puzzle right.
  • Move it to adjust with the first one.
  • Edit this block and move the piece to the right using rulers.

Do the same thing with Puzzle Down-right and Puzzle Down-left.

Now select all blocs and you can move, re-size it’s to the final position you want.

Step 3

  • Now add a new shot.
  • Select the first shot and on it for each block chose some effect
    • Rotate,move,appear etc ….
  • Adjust the shot duration as you want


You can reverse this effect:

You have just to reverse shots order

Right and move right or move left shots.

you do not have to remade this you can save as a model an for an other use.

 You will be able to:


  • Change the picture by an other one
  • Insert this project in a new project
  • Modify the animation.

Step 4

Now you have two shots in your slide…
To be have a better aspect:

  • Add a new shot and add the same picture on it,
  • Overlap it on the final result.
  • Chose for it animate block dissolve appear.
See the result