Linux Version under development

The next stable version will be 2.2.
Actual developpement version of each part of the project:
Binary part
2.2_devel 20140701
Resource part
2.2_devel 20140503
Texturemate extension
1.0 20140125
Openclipart extension
0.18 20140205

Ubuntu / LinuxMint

PPA "Daily Build" for Ubuntu and Linux Mint available here:
By adding this PPA to your repository list, you will automatically receive the updates of the version in the course of development the day after the publication of the update on the SVN.
ffDiaporama devel version is incompatible with ffDiaporama stable version then before to use packages from this PPA, please remove any ffDiaporama stable packages from your computer and unsubscribe from the ffDiaporama stable PPA.
Installing base packages:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ffdiaporamateam/daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ffdiaporama
Installation of extensions (optional):
sudo apt-get install ffdiaporama-texturemate
sudo apt-get install ffdiaporama-openclipart


Installing base packages:
Installation of extensions (optional):
Remark: Packages created and maintained on Arch User Repository by boenki.


Remark: ffdiaporama is available using the following ebuild. The installation of extensions is possible, optionally.

Fedora / openSUSE / Mageia

The following script allows "OnLine" installation of ffDiaporama and its extensions.
Web installer for Linux
openSUSE, Fedora, Mageia, …

(Installation script)

You can use this script for automatic installation:
  • Install required dependencies. Depending on the operating system, it may be necessary to add additional repositories:
    • Fedora: The RPM Fusion Free and Non free repositories  need to be configured
    • openSUSE: The Pacman repository need to be configured
    • Mageia: The Tainted repository need to be activated
  • Installation of resources (The script downloads and installs ffDiaporama's resources)
    • If resources are already installed, no action will be done
    • If old resources are already installed, they are updates
  • Installation of ffDiaporama
    • The script downloads, compiles and installs ffDiaporama.
  • Installation of extensions (optional)
    • The script offers you to download and install extensions (texturemate and openclipart)
Using the script:
  • Before using this script, make sure you have uninstalled all ffDiaporama binary packages than you previously installed (stable or devel)
  • Download the script and save it in your home directory
  • Give execute permissions to the script (chmod +x ~/install_ffDiaporama.bash)
  • Run the script with administrator rights (su -c ~/install_ffDiaporama.bash)
  • If you have already installed packages from ffDiaporama, only updated packages be downloaded and installed.
  • On Fedora and openSUSE, the script create RPM package for each ffDiaporama modules so, you are able to uninstall them using the package manager.
  • Downloaded .tar.gz packages and created RPM packages could be found in /opt/ffDiaporama at the end of the process.

Other cases

You can use the following source packages to compile and install ffDiaporama:
  • These packages are those that are downloaded and installed by the "Online" installer.
  • For the installation work, you must first install the resource package then the application package and finally extensions.
  • All packages, except openclipart extension, operate in the same way:
    • qmake
    • make
    • sudo make install
  • openclipart extension:
    • sudo setup.bash