Stable version page


Hi all,

That's it, the long-awaited moment comes finally: I am going to leave for vacancy!

Before my holidays, I propose you a last beta version.

It integrates the correction of the last bugs:

  • Fix the bug of the video player of the edit video dialog which stopped alone in a random way.
  • Correct some french translation.
  • Invert play/pause icons in the player.
  • Puts back the good titles for buttons to increase/reduce thumbnails size and for modes.
  • Puts back the rendering video buttons in the same order in sheet mode as in preview mode.
  • Fix problem of reading of some .ogg (Vorbis) files.

It also integrates the first part of the corrections of the English documentations.

A very very thank you to Hazel who began to correct all my grammatical mistakes in English.

(And as I am not really good in English, it is an enormous job which she is making.)

It integrates two new rendering video profiles for Daily Motion and YouTube.

Finally, last news: the on-line publishing of a portable version of ffDiaporama for Framakey.

At the moment, there is no more opened bug.

If in 2 in 3 weeks which come, no new bug went declared, this last beta version will become the first stable version. During this time,

  • It is likely that Hazel will have ended to correct the English documentations – At present near half of the pages are already corrected.
  • I put on-line in the "Contribute" page, .ts files for several languages. If certain of you have the courage to translate these files (with Qt Linguist), it will allow to include additional languages in the first stable version.

Thanks to all and good holidays.