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Thanks to boenki for the provision of installation packages for ArchLinux (32 and 64 bits).

These packages are already available from the download page..


After 9 months of development, 15 alpha versions and 4 beta versions, ffDiaporama is finally release in stable version 1.0.

  • This version is totally translated into 4 languages (interface, documentation and Web site): English/French/Spanish and Italian.
  • It includes now 142 transitions and 56 profiles of video generation covering the majority of available devices (Smartphone, players of all kinds, WEB, etc.).
  • Packages are available for Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUZE.

One thank you in everyone who allowed to reach this result.

Changelog of the 1.0 version:

  • Fix the error on the custom color in all color combobox
  • Fix error message on Linux/KDE to the absence of Coment section in the definition of the mime type
  • File change (image or video) in the slide dialog position now on the directory of the previous file instead of the last used directory
  • Widened the parameter zone in the slide dialog so that all the buttons are visible in Italian
  • Fix error of rounded off which generated by moment a gap live as a parasite on images – Critical – A line appears on the PNG images during their reduction
  • Fix crash of the application when we start the reader without any slide
  • Various: Authorize videos without soundtrack – The addition of a video without soundtrack generates the display of a message "unsupported Format"
  • Various: Addition of 4 new transitions : vertical and horizontal "Book flip"
  • Various: Addition of MIME and menu directives for ffDiaporama appear in the GNOME open with list  [Linux]

Many thanks to Indian who proposes us today packages in 32 and 64 bits version and make documentation for openSUZE 11.4.
All of this are available on the Download Page.


The coming success, the previous forum based on a simple Google group was not any more enough.
Thanks to Alain Wasniewski who prepared us this real forum:
Sorry, but the persons who had joined on the previous forum have to register again on the new one.

For this beta fourth, a particular effort was made towards the internationalization with the addition of Spanish translation (Interface 100% – Wiki 20%) and Italian translation (Interface 100% – Wiki 0%).

A the same time, a lot of bug fix :

  • Preview crash (Old computer and Virtual Machine)
  • Slide dialog crash when remove shot
  • Bad directory name when rendering sound
  • Next playlist files was ignore
  • Crackling in the rendered sound (resampling error)
  • Some video files refuse to open (not compatible format)
  • The orientation of photos is not still correctly detected (according to the language of the system, it works or not)
  • Accents are not correctly decoded in the data EXIF, XMP and IPTC
  • Error in the calculation of durations when no transition
  • The images of anamorph videos (DVD-16/9) does not display
  • Rounding errors seem in the calculations of the sizes in pixel in the slide dialog
  • A small parasite border appears to the right and below around the slide. (Partially fix)
  • Problem of refreshment of the display on some Linux PC using KDE [Linux only]
  • Main window remains frozen until it is moved or re-sized at start-up [Windows only]

And yes, the holidays are finished and now here we are with thousands of movies and photos rising.

To reduce a little the workload which it leads, I propose you a new beta version including quite a series of performances improvement, for the preview and for the rendering (from 15 % to 50 % faster according to the composition of the projects).

At the same time:

  • Some bug fix
  • The last part of the corrections of the English documentations. A very very thank you to Hazel Russman who correct all my grammatical mistakes in English.
  • The addition of many keyboard shortcut
  • Some new background in the library