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Errare humanum est …
In spite of all our preparatory tests, some errors skipped all the same into packages published on March 3rd.
A new corrected version is now on-line publishing (From this evening for Windows and tomorrow for Linux).

This new version brings many new features and especially many corrections of bugs.

Among others:

– Addition of TAG and chapters

– Lossless rendering

– More supported formats (FLAC files, videos with U8 sound track of old cameras, etc …)

– Correction of sound problems (No more saturation nor hatchings during transitions)

– Various ergonomics improvements (as to copy/paste between several ffDiaporama instances, drag and drop improvements, etc…)

– Improvement of the performance: rendering speed almost doubled in some cases!

For more informations : What’s new in ffDiaporama 1.2
Packages are available from the download page
Finally I decided not to abandon Windows/XP, in spite of the important limitations of this system.
So for the application remains usable on this system, ffDiaporama now apply two limitations:
  • Limit cache memory to 180 Mb
  • Limit images to 8MPix (biggest images are automatically rescal to 8MPix)
These limitations does not apply to Windows Vista and Windows Seven for which it is again possible to select a memory profile for the image cache.
Integrat SSE in Windows package
The package for Windows now contains the 2 versions and you select wich one you want to install.
ffmpeg 0.9/0.10
The last tests show that preset used to there did not give good results with these recent versions.
So new preset were created.
The results are better image quality and faster generation
And a last bug fix on the calculation of "seek" for the sound (now videos are more fluid and the generation of sound goes faster also for the users of Windows)


One thank you to all who took time to test the RC2 and to report bug to us on the Forum.
In 2 days, it's 5 major bugs which were corrected.
So we continu with a RC3.
Remark: There is still time, for those who wishes it to integrate new languages into ffDiaporama. Do not hesitate to propose your help on the forum. There is indeed Russian and Czech to finish (both are about 25% there) and all other languages…
Thanks in advance
RC2 is now available from download page.
This version still includes new features as for example lossless rendering (without quality loss) and of numerous bug fix.
Do not hesitate to try it and to declare to us any problems which you can notice.
Publication of a third beta version.
  • Correction of some regressions (among others: reframing of image, translation of the styles, etc.)
  • Bug fix
  • Support of the new ffmpeg 0.10 (The Windows package now contains this version)
For more informations : What's new in ffDiaporama 1.2