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Sorry, but a small error has crept into the production of the beta 2. This error causes crash for each new video.

A Beta 3 version that corrects this problem is now online.

Publishing of a second Beta version with numerous bug fix and some additions:
  • Bug fix: In the music properties window, the playlist cannot be rearranged
  • Bug fix: In the device database window the audio and video bit rate comboboxes are just too short to display the whole value.
  • Bug fix: Error when render to NTSC with avconv under Windows
  • Bug fix: Error determining image size on image produced by SONY or PANASONIC camera
  • Add rendering option for PAL-M (South America) and for HD formats 720p-29.97 FPS and 1080p-29.97 FPS
  • Add a new render profil for PAL-M : Multimedia system / DVD/DIVX player PAL-M
After 4 months of development, the team is proud to announce you the publishing of the first Beta version of ffDiaporama 1.4
The main novelties of this new version 1.4 are the following:
  • AVCHD (.mts) video are now usable
  • Addition of a deinterlace filter for videos
  • Addition of a third display mode including a multimedia files browser in the main window
  • Addition of the multiple selection of slides in the main window with options of edition on multiple selection
  • Addition of progress bars during long processings
  • Set the interface compatible with the "text scaling" option of the Linux themes
  • A lot of bug fixes
The Beta phase which begins now is going to allow us to update the WIKI and to correct the last bugs.
  • We need your help to find the last bug!
  • We need your comments onto the WIKI to improve it!
Installations packages are available from the download page
I use this message to make a call to all people who would like to help us. Indeed, at present ffDiaporama is translated into the following languages:
Language Interface WIKI
English 100% 100%
German 100% 100%
French 100% 100%
Spanish 100% 100%
Italian 100% 100%
Greek 100% Work in progress
Dutch 100% Work in progress
Russian 25%
Czech 25%
We need help to end the translations into Russian and Czech. Furthermore, if you wish to propose us translations in other languages, you are welcome!
Then, do not hesitate to be known on the forum if you wish to help us…
Many thanks to John Visser who translated ffDiaporama in Dutch.
Because these translations are not yet included in the ffDiaporama packages, if you wish to use it, look at Additional resources section of the download page.
Thank you to Fabrice Coutadeur to create this PPA.
If you wish to follow the developments of the future version of ffDiaporama, without having to compile yourself the application, add this PPA to your list of repository.
Publication of a patched version correcting some problems:
  • Fix a crash with incorrect image format when adding files
  • Fix MPG render format when using AC3 for audio track
  • Makes possible the use of libavxxx version 0.54
Packages for the various systems all begin to be updated and should be published by a few days.