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For this new version, major improvments are :
  • The improvement of performance for preview and rendering
  • The creation of Addon ffDiaporama-texturemate (a collection of hundred textures usable for the background of slides and of the text blocks)
  • The addition of 24 new shapes for block
  • The addition of a new block type: clip-art texts and adds a collection of 67 clip arts including comics bubbles, panels and papers to work with text clip-art
  • The support of vector images as SVG format
  • The addition of the ability to export the audio track
  • The addition of the ability to change the frequency Sample Rate of soundtracks
  • The complete overhaul of encoding and decoding audio/video engines
  • The move of help about dialog boxes from WIKI Web pages directly into each dialogs as tooltips
  • The addition of Portuguese
and above all, numerous bug fixes.
One thank you in all those who collaborated to this new version.
This new version is now available on the download page.
This new version brings :
  • New graphic filters
  • Switching to progressive mode for all graphics filters
  • New speed waves
  • New transitions
  • Adding text margins appropriate to each form and the ability to customize these margins
and above all, numerous bug fixes.
One thank you in all those who collaborated to this new version.
This new version is now available on the download page.
Second Beta for ffDiaporama 1.5 with the correction of a serie of bugs
As a bonus, some new transitions have been added
ffDiaporama 1.5 beta 2 is available on the download page.
ffDiaporama version 1.5 contains some enhancements and many bug fixes.
The principal's new features are:
  • Improved graphics filters with the transformation to progressive mode all filters (example : gradually switch from a color picture to a black & white picture).
  • Adding new graphics filters.
  • Adding margins for text blocks (default margins are defined for all shapes and margins are now customizable).
  • Adding of three new speed curves.
  • Adding the possibility to adjust the speed curves transition by  transition, block animation by block animation and effect animation by effect animation.
Work on this version have enough progressed than today beta cycle begins.
We hope that many of you will test this version and to leave us comments: bug hunting is open.
Installation packages are available on the download page.
This new version is now available on the download page
One thank you in all those who collaborated to this new version

Uploaded a fourth beta version with many bug fixes and some additions:

The main improvements include reframing and forms shape.


It exists different standard for geometry of photos: 3/2, 4/3, 16/9 …This ratio is calculated as follows: width / height

The problem was that this calculation was not still just, so, according to the manufacturer, of 3/2 can be 1.5 or 1.49 or 1.51 etc…. because the sensors photos are not every same. This small delta seems low but it generated errors in previous version.

To there, the styles were static. That is I had used the photos of a CANNON to predefine all the styles. But, with photos of other manufacturers, I had lines in more or less.

I thus saw revised all the system to not use any more static styles but dynamic styles (formulae mathematical rather than pre-calculated values).

That is why I have of to delete the possibility of creating user styles for coordinates and framing because the user cannot enter formulae.

This change causes modifications in the option, edition of slides and edition of image dialogs. So one "custom combo" appear for the definition of the framing:



The other big change is the addition of nearly 60 additional forms for the image and video masks, and text blocks.

Other :
  • Added 1 Gb memory profil for Windows Vista/7
  • Changed images and videos icons in slide edit dialog : display workspace zone and effect zone and enlarged the icons a notch
  • Deleted framing style management in image edit dialog and replaced geometry locking combo and the 3 default framing buttons with a new combo containing a lot of predefined styles
  • Did what was needed for framing always apply when rotation is changed in image edit dialog when a predefined non custom style is selected
  • Replaced old combo for framing style with the new one in Slide edit dialog when a block is of type image or video
  • Replaced the couple button of style/name of the coordinate styles in the Edit slide dialog by one combo containing styles by default (deleted the possibility of creating personalized coordinate styles)
  • Reviewed the option dialog to use new framing and new coordinate styles
  • Improved the accuracy of guides in the interactive areas within dialog boxes Edit Image / Edit Slide
  • Added the possibility to use .wmv video
  • Added many new forms of shapes and transformed the selection combo in Edit Custom Slide
  • Bug fix of "Add project" button witch did nothing