Developpement version page


Devel version released last week was downright unusable. I'm sorry.
This week, blocking problems found last week have been resolved.
  • Fix sound errors during preview using 6 or 8.33 fps with 22050 and 44100 Hz
  • Fix sound errors during rendering
On the new encoding engine, work continues but is not yet "presentable" for containing too many problems to solve.
I hope to make the switch of engines in the next publication.
End of debugging for playing sounds with libav 0.8 and 9.1 libav
Further work on the new encoding engine
  • Libav 0.8: Everything is ok but oddity on OGG: Time readable but not computed
  • Libav 9.1: There are still problems on AMR (error duration is doubled) and on OGG (Duration not readable and not computed)
Further work on the sound with many improvements including:
  • Complete overhaul of the resampling system. Now, it offer the ability to select the frequency at generation
  • Addition of many export format for audio tracks (ac3, aac, ogg etc …)
  • Full consideration of libav 0.9 (Windows + some Linux)
+ Several bug fixes
Improved performance preview rendering (especially visible in Windows)
Overhaul of the encoding engine
Work on the encoding engine started. The goal in the first time is to encode the audio directly without ffmpeg or avconv.
In a second step, the same work will be done for videos and Tag.
Eventually, when all steps was done, the encoding will be done in one, will be much quicker and avconv or ffmpeg will no longer be necessary.
In the meantime, here are two new features:
  • Adds an option in the option dialog to enable or disable the use of threads for pipe operations during video rendering. (Enabling this option speeds up the generation of videos but can cause crashes.)
  • Adds a button in the generation zone of the main window to export the audio track
Multimedia explorer
  • Change the function of the file selection buttons in the Background dialog (file mode) and in the Framming dialog and the open project button in the main window
    • Now they open the Multimedia Explorer dialog rather than system file dialog
  • Allow drag & drop from the multimedia explorer dialog only when adding files or projects from the main window
Bug fixes
  • Crash when browsing large directory in multimedia explorer
    • Reduces the quality of thumbnails when browse directories containing more than 100 files (temporary solution)
A missing dll in the Windows package yesterday. The error is now fixed
+ Some fixes and interface changes