Developpement version page


Publication "emergency" of a second beta.
This version fixes the crash when rendering video without audio track and accelerates rendering by optimizing the calculations of fixed images and enabling threads
Many changes in this new release:
  • Complete overhaul of the audio/video decoding engine:
    • This revision brings audio bug fixes but also better performance when reading.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixes a bug in the file selection dialog: Click on OK when a directory is selected opens the folder instead of closing the dialog
  • Various optimizations:
    • Replaces Taglib with new libav 9 functions for reading thumbnails of audio files (a lib of less)
    • Modify starter to force the use of SSE1 version on computer using Windows/XP
    • Optimizes image playback when previewing
    • Optimizes the creation of thumbnails for images without exif-preview
This new beta version also comes with a new help page structure.
For the moment, it's a copy of the 1.5 help pages. Work updated to version 1.6 begins.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed compilation bug when compiling with ffmpeg package on ArchLinux [BOENKY]
  • Fixed bug of display first shot edit slide dialog
  • Fixed the bug of random shot change depdending on selection [SESTAY]
  • Fixed a bug in the browser that buckled Multmedia sometimes in infinite
  • Fixed a bug in the edit slide dialog for horizontal and vertical distribution functions:

    => The blocks are repositioned according to their order of appearance instead of their position

  • Fixed bug of positioning the current video when capturing an image
  • Fixed a bug in the edit slide dialog: The framming style change does not move the block
  • Fixes bug of free forms: Changing the width no longer generates systematic change of the height [SESTAY]
  • Force a WM_CLASS(String) to the main window to solve a probleme with "Cairo dock"
  • Accelerates display in dialogs and preview by reducing the quality of displayed images
openSUSE :
  • Installation packages for devel version and texturemate extension are now available for openSUSE 12.2
  • Packages for openSUSE 12.3 should arrive shortly
Much work has been done since the last devel.
Bug fixes :
  • Fixed bug related to anamorphism 16/9 videos stored 640×480 (SESTAY: 852×480 instead of 853×480)
  • Fixes problems in moving video files (seek)
  • Disable language area when the sound inclusion is deselected in the render dialog
  • Corrects the display of information when uncheck the inclusion of sound in the render dialog
  • Fixes several random crashes on Windows related to multi-thread when browsing directories with the browser
  • Because of too many problems with libav 9.x on Windows, switch dll used on Windows packages to ffmpeg/libav 9(Zeranoe) version
  • Fixed bug of positioning blocks to default position when you select a style in the slide dialog
  • Fixed bug of inactif del shortcut in slide dialog when the selection is a shot
End of work on new rendering engine : Switches all remaining formats to the new encoding engine and remove the old engine
  • To minimize problems, removes AAC audio codec in AVI and divx/xvid video codec in MKV
  • => For libav 0.8.x, all seems ok
  • => For libav 9.x, some problems remain:
    • Error reading AAC channels in all file (read as mono)
    • VLC+MKV error with h264 PQ and HQ preset
    • webm error
    • theora error/warning on reading (on first keyframe + read timestamp)
  • => For ffmpeg/libav 9.x, some problems remain:
    • Error reading AAC channels in adts file
  • Cleans the code to no longer include preset and external encoders
  • Removes the option for the use of threads for pipe operations in the configuration dialog (old encoding)
  • Removes the option of positioning up in the case of export in HTML5 mode (too complicated for not much)
  • Change the file extension of ADTS file to .aac (more standard compliant)
Note for ffmpeg users (Windows/OpenSuse/etc…):
  • With ffmpeg, video deinterlacing seems automatic.
  • So the deinterlacing options are totally disabled, even if they are still present in dialogs
The contributors also have worked: State translations:
  • EN    – 100% – 1272/1272
  • FR    – 100% – 1272/1272
  • IT      –  99% – 1265/1272
  • ES    –  99% – 1265/1272
  • PT    –  99% – 1263/1272
  • DE    –  93% – 1192/1272
  • NL    –  86% – 1098/1272  –  We need help to end this work
  • RU    –  60% –  762/1272
  • ZH-TW –  46% –  593/1272
  • CZ    –  13% –  169/1272  –  We need help to end this work
Many changes this week:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with multiple selection in file explorer detailed view
    • Fixed bug with decoding video anamorphism [regression from the previous version]
    • Fixed the bug of encoding sound using 3ga format (export soundtrack) libav 0.8.x/9.x
    • Fixed a bug in the render dialog: When the sound is unchecked, if you change the format, the controls are reactivated
  • New features:
    • Actives new encoding engine for many formats
    • Changes in render dialog : box no longer closes when selecting inconsistent parameters
    • Improves responsiveness of "Cancel" button in the render dialog box stop current render
    • Adds display of music title on the slide in the timeline
There is also some news of the translations:
  • Adds support for Taiwanese (-lang = zh_tw) and languages ​​with a sub code
  • New contributors have joined the team and have updated language files:
    • French : 100%
    • Italian: 98%
    • German : 98%
    • Dutch : 90%  => We need a new contributor to resume this work
    • Spanish : 100%
    • Portuguese : 100% => a new contributor joined the comunity
    • Russian : 50%  => a new contributor joined the comunity
    • Greek : 98%
    • Czech : 25%  => We need a new contributor to resume this work
    • Taiwanese : 50%  => a new contributor joined the comunity
Fixed two major bugs
  • Fixed bug when switching video encoding (encode the video again from the beginning)
  • Fixed bug insertion photo / video
Further work on the encoding engine.
Work is progressing but at low speed:
  • Activation of the new engine for flash 2005, and webm theora for computer with the 0.8.x libav (Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 and Mint equivalents, Fedora 17, Mageia, etc …)
  • Activation of the new engine for flash 2005 only for computer with libav 9.x (Windows, ArchLinux, Gentoo, etc …)