Developpement version page


Adapatation of ffDiaporama 1.6 for Fedora 18 and ArchLinux
  • Fixed systems icon size when they are too big [archlinux]
  • Fix compilation error with Fedora systems
By the way, a small change:
  • Changes the order of applying filters to the preview videos obviating the MaxPreviewHeight option introduced in the previous beta (MaxVideoPreviewHeight option becoming most effective) and removes the option MaxPreviewHeight from option dialog
Installation package for ArchLinux as always provided by Boenki on the Arch User Repository
Installation packages for Fedora 18 and a new updated source package (.tar.gz), are available on the Launchpad download page
Last beta for ffDiaporama 1.6 (at least I hope).
Work on the WIKI is now complete and work on move help information pages on dialog boxes directly as tooltips are well advanced: there is 2 boxes to finish.
Here's a status of the state of the translations :
  • EN – 100% – 1373/1373
  • FR – 100% – 1373/1373
  • PT 99% 1368/1373
  • IT – 92% 1264/1373
  • DE – 92% 1264/1373
  • ES 89% 1219/1373
  • EL 77% 1052/1373
  • NL – 70% – 960/1373
  • UK – 59% 810/1373
  • ZH-TW – 37% 513/1373
  • CZ – 12% 163/1373
Also included in this version:
  • Adds keyboards shortcur in the contextual menu of slides of the main window
  • Replace some ffDiaporama icons with their systems equivalent
  • Reduces the quality of the preview to improve its fluidity
  • Adds two options in the option dialog to set max height of the preview in "Preview" mode and video height for preview videos
Finally, some bug fixes:
  • Fixes label determination error for medias mounted in /media// instead of /media/ in browser [some linux]
  • Fixes font errors in manage style menus
  • Fixes an infinite loop which sometimes occurs during seek error during playback video
  • Fixes a return to beginning error for .mts file
  • Forces releases of memory in projects containing only videos
  • Fixes a memory leak that sometimes happens during retry on video playback for files containing stream
  • Fixes the lack of progressivity for Charcoal and Oil filters
This version fixes several critical bugs:
  • Fix a memory leak in the video playback that caused crash in preview and render
  • Adjusts the size of the font used to display thumbnails on KDE systems
  • Operates the deinterlace filter on Windows
Further movement of information from WEB WIKI pages directly as tooltips for the boxes:
  • Sound track settings
  • Background properties
Modify background properties dialog to display used background when "same as precedent" option is selected
This version fixes several critical bugs
  • Fixed a compilation error on ArchLinux with ffmpeg 1.2
  • Fixed the problem of bouncy images in video playback and rendering
  • Fixed a memory leak error reading videos [beta 3 regression]
Move information from help pages directly as tooltips in dialogs (and remove the corresponding help pages on the website) for the following dialogs
  • Application options
  • Check configuration
  • Manage Style
  • Manage devices
This new beta version fixed some bugs and solved rendering errors for Windows and openSUSE
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug for displaying thumbnails in the browser when media images are 2:1 or higher geometry
  • Fixed display bug of slide number in the render dialog when the render does not start at first slide.
  • Fixed bug of bad anamorphism of images in render using DVD mode [regression]
  • Fixed bug of inactivity of "up" button in the multimedia file explorer when the current directory is in the file system "/" [Linux]
  • Fixed the bug on the value of audio compression for codec AMR in device dialog (the value stored is not redisplayed)
  • Fixed crash when encoding video without sound
  • Fixed bug of encoding sound to mono (AMR format) [openSUSE]
New features:
  • Adds selection of the default value for audio frequency to use when render movie using advanced mode in application option dialog
  • Reduce number of possible combination for advance render (too much work to keep it all for too little interest)
We are looking for a contributor who can help us to integrate ffDiaporama in the Open Build Service for openSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva, etc …
If you can help us, leave us a message on the forum.
Thank you in advance