Developpement version page


The package for Windows is available again.
The packaging has been completely revised.
  • The 2 versions with and without SSE installed and it is the starter autodetect which version to launch
  • The extension is texturemate integrated package. It is installed in full mode.
  • Several libraries have been updated to:
    • Libav now in version 0.9 beta 2
    • Exiv2 now in version 0.23
    • QT to version 0.8.4
Fixes of 2 big bugs:
  • Fix duration error of rendered sound
    • This bug generated desynchronizations audio/video in video
    • This bug generated spitting in music
  • Fix a critical memory leak when reading video with libavfilter>=3.1
    • This bug was on Gentoo and Windows platforms
    • It generates application crash after a few seconds of playing some videos
  • First: Fixed a crash introduced in the devel of yesterday(121222)
  • Adds support for vector images in SVG format
    • .svg files are produced with software like Inkscape.
    • The high interest in this format are:
      • Images can be enlarged or reduced without affecting quality.
      • The Internet has many collections of images clipart svg format, starting with openclipart
  • Adds a popup when you click on add clipart text to select a clip-art in the slide dialog
  • Accelerates the production of thumbnails of videos in the file browser
Adds a new block type: clip-art texts and adds a collection of 68 clip arts including comics bubbles, panels and papers to work with text clip-art.
All the files are from openclipart ( and are in the public domain.
Most have been reworked to work with ffDiaporama.
Installation packages are now available for the texturemate extension:
  • On the PPA daily for Ubuntu and Mint systems
  • With boenky for ArchLinux
More information on "devel" download page
Adds 24 new shapes for block (trapezoid, parallelogram, etc…)
Fixes several bugs
  • Fixes problems in resampling sound causing a quaver of <48 KHz music
  • Fixes a crash when double clicked in the timeline so that there is no slide
  • Fixed a bug of display: The selection frame is always displayed on the previous selection when the preview is running and you click on another slide
  • Fixed a bug of interface: In the slide edit dialog, keyboard shortcuts of copy/paste of blocks takes over even when cursor is in an edit zone
Some interface changes in the main window
  • No longer displays a message indicating that a new version of ffDiaporama is available in the status bar but replaces it with a button yellow, green or red, depending on the case
  • Adds display of the current chapter in the status bar
I have not had much time recently and I only now beginning to work for the new version.
For the moment, I have a problem with Windows that prevents me from producing packets. I hope to settle it quickly.
By concéquent only Linux users can test the new features.

First new feacture for this version : ffDiaporama-texturemate

ffDiaporama-texturemate is the first add-on for ffDiaporama.
It contains a selection of about 140 textures from the site
These new textures are added to the ten of texture already present in previous versions of ffDiaporama and appear in "Background" and "Text" dialog in library section.
To use it, you have to install the devel version of ffDiaporama and then install the ffDiaporamatexturemate extension.
I had to make some changes in code for ffDiaporama to operate with these 140 images in the library,. Thus, the images in the library are no longer stored in memory but are now loaded when required.
The extension and the new devel version, are available from the new "devel" download page